Thursday, 12 August 2010

How to Get Started in Amateur Astronomy

Hier is `n webtuiste vir die voornemende amateur sterrekundige. Besoek die webblad en lees die res. Ek plaas net die opskrifte.

1. Read about astronomy.
2.  Visit a planetarium or observatory.
3.  Purchase a star atlas or a star map which will enable you to determine what you are looking at while gazing at the sky.
 4. Find someplace dark to observe that is away from city glare.
5.  Buy a pair of binoculars.
6.  Obtain a telescope.
7.  Join an astronomy club.
8.  Attend a star party.
9.  Subscribe to an astronomy magazine.
10.  Subscribe to an astronomy podcast, such as What's Up in Astronomy, StarDate, or SkyWatch. 
11.  Join the Astronomical League or similar organization. (ASSA in South Africa)
Enjoy your new hobby.

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