Tools for the Observer


Aid for Observers
    June is Deepsky Marathon Month at the Free State Star Party (3- 5 June 2016)
    2015 - Observing the  ASSA 100 Deepsky Objects

    - Verslagvorm en waarna om op te let
    - Deep-Sky Hunter Star Atlas
    Download Discover, ConCards and Southern Star Wheel (9M)
    - Download Virtual Moon 6

      - Green laser Safety (ASSA Pretoria)
    - ASSA Top 100 (Deepsky) (pdf)
    - Concards (Constellation Cards) 
    - Sky Map- Southern Hemisphere (Download the Southern Hemisphere Edition)
    - Deepsky Observer's Companion Pdf -formaat (Dankie Auke)
    - Southern Star Wheel  (Download and make a  A3 printout on light carton.  It is fun!) 
    - DOCdb Deep Sky Observer's Companion – the online database 
    - Sketskaart vir jou waarnemings  (Right click > Save Target as)
    - Find the Southern Celestial Pole (SCP)

    Your Telescope
    Direction in Eyepiece – Johan Smit - ASSA Pretoria

    Limiting Magnitude
    - Telescope Limiting Magnitude Calculator
    - Limiting Magnitude Field Locator and Calculator  (Online)
    - Estimating Sky Limiting Magnitude   (Online)     
    Estimating Limiting Magnitude (Online) Thx Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers
    - Limiting  Sky Magnitude (PDF- ASSA Pretoria)

    Observing tools
     - SA Time server   (Set your clock accuarately)
    - Beginner's tips; tutorials
    - Bortle Dark-Sky Scale
    - Southern Sky Map (Pdf -formaat)
    - Southern Star Wheel Download from this page

    Weather etc.
    - Boyden Observatory, 1283 m  (From Sweden)

    - Sterrekunde -inligtingstuk  (Pdf -formaat)

    - My Favourite books
    - My favourite web links 
    - Sterrekunde -inligtingstuk  (Pdf -formaat Van die skakels werk nie meer nie. Google die webtuistes)
    - Kaart van Mandelarylaan tot by Boyden-sterrewag  (Volg die Maselspoort-pad by die lughawe)

    Astronomy Newsletters
    - Canopus - ASSA Johannesburg Centre
    - Newsletter - ASSA Pretoria Centre
    - N'daba - ASSA Durban Centre  (Under Construction)
    - MNASSA - Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

    - The monthly newsletter of the Lunar Section

    Astronomy Book Publishers
    - Willmann-Bell 
    - Cambridge
    - Springer

    Astro Dealers in South Africa 
    Eridanis Optics
    Telescope Shop
    Skywatcher - South Africa

    Celestron - South Africa
    Johannesburg Planetarium