Monday, 6 July 2009

Onverwagse sonvlek nou sigbaar

Waarskuwing: Moenie met jou blote oog na die son kyk nie. Ook nie met `n verkyker of teleskoop wat nie met die nodige sonfilters toegerus is nie!

Gaan loer op die veilige manier na hierdie sonvlek by of kliek hier

Inligting verkry van

What a difference 48 hours can make. Only two days ago the sun was blank and calm, displaying the sort of unrelenting quiet we've come to expect from the deepest solar minimum in a century. Then, with startling rapidity, sunspot 1024 burst onto the scene: movie. Unlike other recent "sun-specks", this active region is a full-fledged sunspot group with more than a dozen planet-sized dark cores, crackling with B- and C-class solar flares.

"Sunspot 1024 is putting on a spectacular show," says amateur astronomer David Tyler of Buckinghamshire UK, who caught it in mid-flare on July 5th.

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