Tuesday, 22 January 2013

From Bloemfontein: Comet Lemmon (C/2012 F6)

22 January 2013 - Moves into Constellation, Musca (23:00) In spite of the moon and other lights the comet is still clearly visible
January 21, 2013 - Near Acrux, Constellation Crux

For the night owls: Comet Lemmon (C/2012 F6) is clearly visible. Bright star on the image is Alpha 2 Cru (Acrux).

Technical data: Canon 30D with 300mm X 1.6 lens. ISO 3200; Aperture f5.6 Shutter speed 5 seconds. Camera on tripod. 15 photos stacked on each other in Deepskystacker; 10 Dark frames used to remove digital noise. It is also easy visible with a 12X50 binoculars. Even better with a 20X80 binoculars. The light pollution is quite bad in Bloemfontein and the moon was still up. Despite this I found it easily. According to Skytools 3 it is magnitude 7.2.

A look or you see it tonight and let you know.


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