Monday, 25 June 2012

Neville Young's Books - Astronomy Within Reach - and Sterrekunde Binne Bereik

Available in English and Afrikaans
Neville Young, a long time member of the Pretoria Astronomical Centre for 25 years, who over the years at star gazing evenings and even when viewing two solar eclipses, and a Venus transit, makes use of the occasion to talk to the public.
For this purpose he designed a solar system model which he uses to explain "on the ground" what can be seen.
To hear "Oh now I understand" has been for him very rewarding and to then watch his audience moving to the telescopes to see the real thing, gives him a feeling of accomplishment.
On these occasions he has been asked the same questions over and over and being as well read as he is, has been able to explain things like "What happened to Pluto?" - the path of the Southern Cross - how Jupiter's moons move and can be seen, even with binoculars -  in ways that are both informative and entertaining.
When LAPA Publishers asked him to write a book on astronomy for the layman, his audience suddenly became so much larger. Astronomy Within Reach has been written to answer these questions and many more that will lead to an understanding of the subject. Neville has spent hours drawing many of his own diagrams and researching the answers, before committing them to paper.
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This book is new on the market and has been translated into Afrikaans.
Astronomy Within Reach and Sterrekunde Binne Bereik are now available from Neville and at the various outlets.
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In addition to the book Neville is selling on his website, the portable solar system model he has used for so long.This he has produced for use in education and for demonstration purposes. He has other educational aids which he has developed and which are referred to in the book and explained on his website
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