Thursday, 1 March 2012

2012 Karoo Starparty

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Karoo Starparty, 21 - 25 Maart 2012

The ASSA Pretoria Centre is continuing the annual National Karoo Starparty which was started in 2009 at the Kambro Padstal, about 20 km north of Britstown in the Karoo, next to the N12 NationalRoad.

This event is intended to be a get-together for friends that want to enjoy the beautiful Karoo sky and there are no scheduled events, talks or workshops – we go there simply to enjoy the company of fellow stargazers and the legendary Karoo sky. The date for the 2012 Starparty is scheduled for the week-end of 21 March 2012. That is Wednesday 21 to Sunday 25 March 2012.

Wednesday 21 March is a National Holiday. Please book early to avoid dissappointment!
  • See Kambro Accommodation or phone Wilma Strauss at 0833056668 for details of the site and to make a booking.

  • There is also accommodation available in Britstown at the Karoo Country Inn.
Information about the Karoo Starparty.
GPS Co-ordinates:
S30°-25-00.3    E23°-33-56.1

Complete Darkness

21 March Dark from 19:50 - 05:10
22 March Dark from 19:54 - 05:11
23 March Dark from 19:53 - 05:12
24 March Dark from 19:51 - 05:13

Deepsky Observing Lists (Karoo Star Party)
23 March 2012, Pdf format, Created with Skytools 3
Sorted by Constellations
SA: Sky Atlas 2000 Chart
UR.2: Uranometria 2nd Edition Chart
PSA: Pocket Sky Atlas (Sky and Telescope)

- ASSA Top 100 (telescope)
- Concards (Constellation Cards)
- Bennett
- Herschel 400 
- Messier
- UHC-filter objects
- OIII-filter objects
- Binocular objects

- How to find the South Celestial Pole (SCP)
almost accurately.

- Weather
Southern hemisphere Jetstream
   Britstown, Northern Cape  Accuweather
   Britstown, Northern Cape Yr.No
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