Sunday, 2 October 2011

Neville Young's book "Astronomy - Yes You Can"

New book - by Neville Young This composite photograph shows Fred Oosthuizen with the Stevick-Paul telescope that he built and mounted inside his observatory on the roof of his house. The photograph is being included in Neville Young's book "Astronomy - Yes You Can" which will reach the bookshops in March next year. Neville is a former chairman of the Pretoria Centre and is still a member of it. 

The book is also being translated into Afrikaans by Bosman Olivier, a committee member of the Pretoria Centre. The book is intended to interest the layman in astronomy particularly and in science generally, but has been received with great interest by the experienced amateur Michael Poll and the professional Barbara Cunow, who are helping Neville to ensure that the content of the book will be accurate. 

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