Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Southern hemisphere astronomy bucket list

Zodiacal Light in the Free State sky during the 2015 Free State Star Party (Photo: Hannes Pieterse)

A Bucket List to die for!  Auke Slotegraaf, Section Director, Deep-sky Section (Astronomical Society of Southern Africa) created the list.

A Southern hemisphere astronomy bucket list

Category A: Earth and the solar system

  • The Earth’s shadow
  • A geostationary satellite
  • A –8 mag. Iridium flare
  • Structure in the International Space Station
  • The zodiacal light & the gegenschein
  • The green flash
  • Complete list...
- Visit to see the rest and start observing to complete the list.
- Free State Star Party  3 - 5  June 2016

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