Wednesday, 24 April 2013

UFS101’s Annual Astronomy Fair - 27 April 2013

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Members of ASSA Bloemfontein  assisting with the UFS101 where First Year students learn more about Science. Students are looking at the moon through telescopes.

It is that time again for UFS101’s Annual Astronomy Fair on University of the Free State Campus. This will be held on Bloemfontein Campus in the Callie Human on 27 April 2013 from 9:30 -13:00.

You are invited to:
  • Observe the sun through a specially equipped telescope;
  • Witness the launching of Demo Rockets;
  • Attend a presentation inside of an inflatable planetarium (limited space)
  • Hear the latest news about SKA-South Africa and astronomy developments in Bloemfontein
  • Take a 552m walk on campus to see a Scale Model of our Solar System
  • Explore the latest astronomy applications for your iPhone/ iPad
  • and much more…
The entrance is free and you are welcome to bring the whole family. No booking is necessary. There will be tuckshop facilities available as well as products from exhibitors to be bought.

PROGRAMME FOR 27 April 2013 (Bloemfontein)

Time Activity Venue - Badminton Hall (Next to Callie Human Centre)
09:45 -10:15
Presentation: ‘The Universe: The 5% we know of and the "missing" 95%’ by Prof. Matie Hoffman

 Astrofair in Callie Human Centre
10:00 - 13:00 Expo,
12:45  Launching of Rockets

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  1. Ek was daar en twee mans daar, by die diy telecoope stalletjie het aanbeveel dat ek by assa moet aansluit en my eie teleskoop by maar het nooit teru gekom na my toe nie, is daar iemand wie ek kan kontak?


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