Sunday, 21 October 2012

Famed British soprano Sarah Brightman is planning a concert in space.

Source: The Huffington Post

Famed British soprano Sarah Brightman is planning a concert in space.

The "Phantom of the Opera" star announced her unusual booking in a press conference in Moscow this week, stating that she will be part of a three-person crew destined for the International Space Station (ISS) sometime in the next two to three years, reports Playbill.

Brightman plans to hitch a ride to the ISS aboard a Soyuz rocket powered by the Russian Federal Space Agency and orbit the earth for an estimated 10 days. The trip will be coordinated by Space Adventures, Ltd., a commercial space travel company created to satisfy the needs of daring (and moneyed) private citizens.

But orbiting isn't all the former disco queen intends to do. The 52-year-old singer also plans to become the first professional musician to sing from space...that is, if those ambitious Muse boys don't beat her to it.

According to a statement in an NBC News report, the UNESCO Artist for Peace Ambassador hopes to use her trip to "promote peace and sustainable development on Earth and from space."

"I am determined that this journey can reach out to be a force for good, a catalyst for some of the dreams and aims of others that resonate with me," she added.

The singer will have to wait until the release of her new album, "Dreamchase," until she can begin the training necessary to become a cosmonaut though. That gives us plenty of time to contemplate which single she will perform in space first. We vote she bring Andrea Boccelli beyond the exosphere and do "Time to Say Goodbye."

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