Thursday, 6 January 2011

Help! Is this book available in South Africa? Where?

Has anyone seen this book (2nd Edition) in a bookshop in South Africa.

Email and let us know!  ( or post a comment!

The book
Atlas of the Night Sky by Steve Massey and Steve Quirk
Finding your way around the sky is easy with this Atlas

Atlas of the Southern Night Sky – by Steve Massey and Steve Quirk
This top-selling, Australian-authored and -published hardcover atlas has been specially produced for Southern Hemisphere stargazers.
Fully revised and updated with new information, images and maps, the latest edition has easy-to-follow starcharts and details of astronomical objects that are within reach of most backyard telescopes.
Beginning with a basic introduction to the night sky—what you can see, how to find your way around the sky and what to look for— Atlas of the Southern Night Sky then delves into lunar and planetary observing, with authoritative information on how best to observe these celestial targets. This comprehensive reference book will be appreciated for years to come.
  • 290 full-colour pages, hardcover
  • Over 100 star charts and maps (use in conjunction with the Red Light Torch included in this pack)
  • Maps of the Moon and planets
  • Fully illustrated with images by Australian and New Zealand amateur astronomers to give a realistic perspective on what can be seen and photographed
  • List of constellations and astronomical objects visible throughout the year
  • Tips and tricks
  • Guide to astrophotography and image processing

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