Friday, 24 September 2010

You know you're a Deep Sky Observer when...

Astronomy observation help
  1. You consider the moon a major annoyance.
  2. You consider Jupiter 'light pollution'.
  3. You consider meteors 'light pollution'.
  4. You consider the Milky Way 'light pollution'.
  5. You contemplate ways of destroying the Earth because it's in the way.
  6. You pack Dry Ice around your head to reduce the "noise" from your retina and optic nerve.
  7. You refuse to use the ladder with your 20" f/6 at the Winter Star Party stating, "If I use that, the objects are too far north."
  8. You consider the H-II regions of distant galaxies as individual observing targets.
  9. You spend most of your time looking at or for objects you can barely see.
  10. Your favorite objects are objects you can barely see.

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101.  You see the letters "sex" and your first thought is of the constellation sextans!

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