Friday, 10 September 2010

Shuttle se moer gestrip! Moer nou weg! NASA soek moer!

Discovery attachment to tank delayed by nut problem
Workers rotated Discovery upright last night for mating to the fuel
tank and boosters. Credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight Now
 Engineers attaching the shuttle Discovery to its external fuel tank ran into problems Friday when an internal nut used to attach a separation bolt to the belly of the orbiter slipped out of position. Re-positioning the mis-aligned nut will require access to the shuttle's aft engine compartment, sources said, but it was not immediately clear what might be required to provide that access with Discovery not yet firmly attached to its external tank.
 (Ok! 'n  Bolt is `n bout! Maar moer klink beter! Dit is toe `n "nut" en nie `n "bolt" nie!) 

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